Coastal South America - Day 36

36 days since I left France, and I still feel this inexplicable wonder when I wake up and realize where I am.

I've got 1 more day of sailing before I reach the coast of Chile. I can't wait to get close to them and observe their beauty. I've decided to circumnavigate the entire continent, skirting Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and so on to Guatemala.

To my great delight, the weather conditions are just right. No rain for the past 5 days, just the right amount of wind to keep me moving at a good pace, and blazing sunshine. I've even picked up a few colors!

I give myself a few breaks during which I take photos that you can see on my website, I also draw and observe the ocean. All in all, I'm in top form! I look forward to hearing from you. You can send me a message in the contact section.

Heading for Argentina and Tierra del Fuego - Day 35

Argentina, at last! If you only knew how happy I am ! You who know me well know how much I love this country and how important it was for me to get there by sailboat. I did it, I made it, and I must admit I'm pretty proud... I hardly slept all night to make sure I didn't miss the coast, which was slowly approaching. I've posted some photos of the sunrise. I hope you like them. I'm 6 again, and it's Christmas before time.I approached the town of Rio Grande.

I spotted fishermen busy on the port, women shopping and children running around. It felt really good. I knew what I was getting myself into by organizing this round-the-world sail, but I couldn't really imagine what I was going to feel or how I was going to experience it. Coming face to face with yourself is an ordeal that says a lot about you and what you're made of.

Dad, Mom and the rest of you, rest assured that I'm not having any technical problems at the moment. I'm eating to my heart's content and then some (I've decided to resume my morning ab workouts tomorrow!). I'm having a wonderful experience and I'm happy to be able to share a piece of it with you through this site.

Stopover in paradise - Day 34

Today is a special day because it's my birthday! It's the first time I've celebrated it alone. But I'm not sad, you're all with me in spirit and in my heart. This round-the-world trip is definitely the greatest gift I've ever given myself.

For the occasion, I decided to make a stop and put my foot down for a few hours. I moored my yacht in Port Stanley, in the eastern part of the archipelago. A heavenly setting and a warm welcome. Mario, the head of a fishing family, takes me under his wing and shows me around the island's most famous and beautiful beach. With my feet in the water, I sampled local culinary specialties, including empanadas (small turnovers filled with meat, fish or vegetables), dipped in chimichurri (a chili-based condiment) and alfajores for dessert, traditional Spanish pastries.

Mario explains how the island works, tells me anecdotes about his job and is very interested in my project. It was a very intense and enriching exchange, especially after more than a month of talking only to myself. I'm full of energy again, and I'm thinking of you!